Travel is a great way to learn about yourself and places you are visiting. Pictures and stories of our retirement travels appear under three headings: trailering, tours and boating.


Here's our 2005 Escape17 Trailer and Nissan truck in Alberta at the beginning of our 2014 cross-Canada trip.


I call an expedition that requires a plane trip, a tour. Sometimes we go on our own and sometimes we go as part of a group.

Abby near Spoleto, Umbria

Here's an abby near Spoleto in Umbria, Italy. We went there on a walking tour with Road Scholar in 2007. This picture was part of the very first version of this website.


We also like to travel in nearby coastal waters on our boat. Here's out Albin 25 "Skol" anchored at Sidney Spit Marine Park near Victoria, British Columbia.

Skol at Sidney Spit


You can read about some of our trips in Canada and other parts of the world in Chuckling Chimes Travel Blog.

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