We have always enjoyed going on camping and RVing trips. We have owned several tents, two Volkswagen vans, and three small travel trailers

Our first trailer was a 13 foot Boler which we owned for 25 years. Bolering was so much more comfortable (and dry) than camping in a tent! We took it as far south as Disneyland and as far west as Alberta.

2005 ESCAPE 17

In 2007 we purchased a 2005 Escape 17. Escapes are made in Chilliwack, British Columbia. We spent more than 300 nights in our 2005 and took it as far south as Playa Del Carman in Mexico, as far north as Yellow Knife, and as far east as St. John's Newfoundland.

Dinette-bed, sink and stove top.

Main "bow" table for working on computers.

2014 ESCAPE 17b

In 2014 we purchased a new 2014 Escape 17b. The layout is the same as our 2005 but it has added amenities including air conditioning, a shower, more insulation, a bigger fridge and better lighting. We hope to take it far and wide.

It looks a lot like our 2005 - but shinier. Our trailer reborn!

Interior in November, 2014. Cozy!

Camping in Powell River November, 2014

We like it!

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