At the end of May, we took our trailer to the Escape Rally in Osoyoos in the Okanagan.

On the way we stopped for a couple of nights at Manning Park. I had just seen my sinus and asthma doctors and been told I had lost more 50% of my lung function - so I needed a really big dose of prednisone. I needed earlier intervention if this happened again.

The Rally was fun. There were more than 100 Escapes. The weather was really hot and dry - with yuccas and cactuses blooming in May.

After Osoyoos we went to Powell River. Here's Mike on the Earl's Cove/Saltery Bay ferry.

Willingdon Beach. A great campground.

View of Vancouver Island in the sunset - through the back window of the Escape.

We made another trailer trip to Manning Park in July and up to Hornby Island in September. I was totally better in July but starting to go down a bit in September. A new diagnosis and a new pharmaceutical may help.

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