Penny and Mike in St John's 2014

In 2014 we made a huge RV expedition - 19,000 km across Canada to Newfoundland. We planned it out in detail and had all our campsites reserved before we left. We mainly stayed in provincial and national parks, plus a couple of KOAs and couple of lesser know private campgrounds.

We travelled as fast as could (around 8-9 hous per day) from Oliver to Pukuskwa National Park on Lake Superior where we stopped for 2 nights. Then we headed north into Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec. Then down to the St Lawrence River -

which we crossed at by Les Escoumins au Trois Pistoles Ferry.

After travelling around the Gaspe we spent a few days in at Forillon and Kouchibouguac National Parks.

Then over to Newfoundland where travelled around for almost 3 weeks. The highlights were:

St. Anthony where we saw the Viking settlement and an iceberg,

Gros Morne where we saw the earth's mantle and the Great Western Brook Pond,

and St. John's where we visited Cape Spear,

Back in Nova Scotia we went to fantastic Louisberg.

Then over to PEI for a week.

A few days in New Brunswick in Cape Breton and the Bay of Fundy parks.

Then west to Quebec for a visit to Sorel-Tracey where William Grant of Trois Rivieres is burried. We also visited beautiful Quebec City.

From there we hurried home through Ottawa, Sudbury, Agawa Provincial Park on Lake Superior, Quetico Park near Fort Francis, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, the Cypress Hills (where it snowed) and eventually back to Oliver and North Van and home.

Back to my asthma story. When I got home, my asthma doctor told me I had lost about half of my lung function during the summer. Why? I don't know. But I had become less energetic as the trip went on. I thought I was just tired and not a good sport. Getting my ear tubes out and my sinuses treated helped. I started Xolair in December.

We blogged about our trip on Chuckling Chimes Travel Blog. You find a detailed account and lots more photos in the archives under "2014. "

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