We made 2 trailer trips to Pocatello, Idaho in 2013. On the first trip, Mike and I set up plans for the 2013 Grant Family Reunion. On the second trip we travelled down in our trailer to Pocatello with other family members. The purpose of the reunion was to celebrate the lives of Richard Grant and Richard Stanislas Grant.

We camped at Bruneau Dunes State Park in southern Idaho. You can go sledding on the giant dune.

The original Fort Hall, where Richard Grant was Chief Trader and Richard Stanislas Grant was a freighter was located on what is now the Fort Hall Reservation near Pocatello.

Picking flowers near the river.

The reconstruction of the Fort Hall trading post is located in Pocatello.

Inside the Fort.

Richard Stanislas Grant's grave is located in Soda Springs about an hour's drive away from Pocatello. There is a geyser in the town which erupts every hour. The whole area is covered with lava and bubbling springs. Long ago it was the part of the earth's crust located above the geologic hot spot which is now below Yellowstone.

A beautiful reservoir near Soda Springs.

The descendants of Richard Stanislas Grant at the Reunion. Although Richard Stanislas was killed when he was only 30, he had 2 sons who grew up in PEI and Winnipeg.

The new gravestone and the old lava rock marker covered with roses at the Grant Reunion.

At the campground in Pocatello after the reunion.

Check out the Canadian Clan Grant Website for more information on the Canadian Clan Grant.

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