In July 2012, we took our 17 foot Escape trailer half way across Canada to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

People usually give us a strange look, when we say we went to Winnipeg for our summer holiday. After all, Winnipeg is not the tourist capital of Canada and most people prefer to spend the summer vacation vacation on the coast.

However Winnipeg is an interesting place and we had an interesting reason for going. The Canadian Clan Grant held a historic reunion in Winnipeg in mid-July. It was even reported in "Canada's History Magazine (formerly The Beaver)" We went to Winnipeg to meet some long lost "cousins" and have tea with Sir James Grant, Lord of Strathspey and Chief of the Grants who had come to the reunion all the way from Scotland.

Our trailer trip took us across the southern part of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba - and we visited Waterton National Park and Grasslands National Park. On the way home, our route took us further north and we visited Riding Mountain National Park, Prince Albert National Park and Yoho National Park.

Here are Mike and Pete at the Siol Cudbright gathering in Winnipeg. They are wearing their Grant plaid ties and their Metis sashes. We belong to the MacRobbie Grants of Trois Rivieres.

We blogged about our trip on Chuckling Chimes Travel Blog.

Check out the Canadian Clan Grant Website for more information on the Canadian Clan Grant.

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