In May 2010 we made a two week trip with our trailer to California to attend a meeting in San Jose and enjoy the west coast.

On our first night we stayed in a State Park on Sequim Harbour in northern Washington State. Here is a beautiful sunset - complete with full moon.


Mike on the beach at Point Reyes National Seashore. Point Reyes is on the San Andreas Fault just north of San Francisco.

A "blow hole" at Russian Gulch State Park near Mendicino in northern California.

Our campsite at Russian Gulch.

One of the highlights of our trip was meeting Rodolfo and Nelli from Switzerland at the KOA in Eureka. They had been on the road for two years in the twenty year old RV. They had had their RV shipped from Europe to Buenos Aires and travelled with it as far south in South America as Tierra de Fuego. They were on their way to Alaska and then to Toronto.

We were inspired by their trip because we have been thinking about RVing to Panama and it seems such a scarey trip and such a very long way! However, they had made it to the tip of south America in their twenty year old RV and it sounded as if they had had a wonderful time.


Penny standing under a 30 foot tall wild rhododendron. They were in flower everywhere along the Oregon Coast.

A view of the Oregon Dunes with spectacular tree islands.


While we were waiting for the ferry to cross over to Whidby Island, we saw a rainbow which seemed to be rising from the sea.

Here it is a little later.

Pebbles on the beach near Deception Pass.

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