We made a wonderful trailer trip into the United States in April and May, 2008. Altogether we drove approximately 7,500 km or 4800 miles. We stayed off the Interstates and followed secondary highways where the traffic was generally quite modest. The cost of the trip was approximately $1000 for fuel, $1000 for campsites and about $500 for cell phone calls to keep connected with family and friends. We'd do it again in a minute!

The truck and trailer performed perfectly.We always felt safe and secure. When the weather was cold, we turned up the furnace. when it was hot, we openied ceiling vents and turned on the fan.

(Like Bilbo, we went There and Back Again).


We took the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver. We travelled down the silver and blue coasts of Washington, Oregon and California. Here are a few the "most iconic" pictures about what we experienced.


Our first night and first sunset - the view from Larrabee State park near Bellingham, Washington.

Snow on the road to Mount St Helens.


Oregon Coast Sea Arches

Oregon Coast Breakers

Oregon Coast Sand Dunes


California Coast Breakers - the sun is out!

Portulaca covering sand dunes

Elephant Seals

California Sunset

Organ concert at Balboa Park, San Diego

Our first taste of desert - a morning hike at Joshua Tree National Park


Waiting in line at the border - Tijuana, Mexico


A view from Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon.

Penny on the Grand Canyon Rim Trail.

Our first giant cactus. Talk about iconic!


We came back home via gold and red desert land of Arisona and Utah and green forests of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington and eastern British Columbia.


We loved the red desert land of utah. Here are some pictures of Monument Valley, Utah

Mike and Penny in front of The Mitten!

Navajo Cowboy posing for tourists at John Ford Lookout.

The road to Monument Valley - made famous by the not very well known but charming movie - Pontiac Moon .

Delicate Arch at Arches National Monument. Everyone had hiked up over the slick rock and was waiting quietly to take the perfect sunset picture. It was like being in a theatre waiting for the concert to begin.

Petrified Dunes at Arches National Monument.

We went for another desert hike in Island in Sky - part of Canyonlands National Park.

A view of the Great Salt Lake.

A view of the canyons at Goosenecks State Park


We spent a few days in beautiful Wyoming. We were further north, so the weather was much colder and the ground snow-covered. We were back in winter.

The stunningly beautiful Grand Tetons.

Old Faithful - the most famous geyser at Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone grizzly bear

Yellowstone bison

Snow in the camp ground at Yellowstone.


Longhorn cattle at Grant-Kohrs Ranch


Back home in BC we camped for a few days in North Vancouver - near the Lions Gate Bridge.

The only alarming thing on our trip was the constantly increasing cost of gasoline - which went up considerably during the time we were away. We met people who said they were modifying their travel plans because of the cost of fuel. We were glad to be driving a relatively small rig - but the increasing cost of fossil fuels and our need for sustainable energy sources is a huge issue and something we definitely need to learn more about.

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