In February 2013 we travelled to Trois Rivieres in Quebec to learn French for 2 weeks.

We Learned a lot but have not yet become fluent. We should keep trying.


We had planned that in May, 2013 we would go to France on a walking tour. But my asthma "went sideways" in the spring of 2013 so a big international trip was out of the question.


Reasons for not travelling when you are not well:

  • The most obvious is that you actually won't enjoy your trips if you start out sick. This happened on a trip to Australia in 2004. Penny's asthma was so bad we couldn't go anywhere once we got there.

  • There is also the probability of catching something on the plane. If it's a bad virus and your underlying problem is asthma - you can be in big trouble. This happened on a trip to Scotland in 1997.

  • Another problem is that your travel insurance may not cover your costs if you have an existing condition which you have not clearly identified. With some diseases, your insurance policy may not cover you for any health problems that arise - even if they nothing to do with an existing condition.

  • If you're contagious - it's a really bad idea. Keep your bugs at home.

  • Of course, there is now the troubling question of whether we ought travel anywhere just for the fun of it. Global warming is a really difficult question. Should we really stay home with lights off?

    Nous allons peut-ętre obtenir en France un jour.

    We hope to go to France one day. Everything in moderation with constant attention to the impact we may be having on - not the planet - because the planet will survive another 5 billion years with or without us - but on our current ecological cohort. We need snow.

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