Mike and Penny in India 2011

In the fall of 2011 we took a wonderful five week trip to India.

We spent 20 days on a tour with Road Scholar (formerly Elder Hostel). We highly recommend this tour called "India: Treasures of the North and South" to anyone looking for adventure, gorgeous "exotic" sites and wonderful experiences. We absolutely loved it! Our guide Gopal was superb!

Although there is a lot of sitting on the bus while you travel around the Golden Triangle and the South Western part of India, this trip includes serious walking on very uneven ground, riding elephants and camels, and crossing a swinging bridge across a small river to the dining room at one of the jungle resorts.

To have fun, be sure you are in good physical shape, bring some kind of listening device and tapes to listen to on the bus, and wear good footware even if you think it makes you look unfashionable! Also - pack light - only one bag. But bring a jacket - for when it's cold - and loose cotton shirts - for when it's hot and humid.

Before the Road Scholar tour, we spent a few days getting over jet lag in Delhi and learning the ropes regarding riding in tuk tuks! Our small hotel was a friendly safe refuge from the complexity (to those who live there it's not chaos) of life in this enormous, very busy city.

After the tour, we spent 10 days with our own driver travelling from Cuchin to Ooty, then on to Mysore and eventually Chennai. This part of the trip was to see where my mother lived and went to school when she was an English girl - living in what was then called "Madras."

Here are a few photos of Delhi.

Our first day in India - Humayan's Tomb.

Tuk tuks on a quiet road.

A busy road.

Jama Masjid Mosque.

Sikh ritual washing pool.

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