I am quite interested in Grant Family's Genealogy - especially the MacRobbie Grants of Trois Rivieres who are the descendants of William Grant of Trois Rivieres (1743-1810). William came to Canada from Scotland in 1759 and became a fur trader. Mike is a descendant. As I sometimes explain: "I have the name but not the genes." I think that having a connection to a historical person makes history much more interesting.

Anita Grant Steele of Whitehorse is an expert on this family. She was appointed Steward of the MacRobbie Grants of Trois Rivieres in July, 2012 by the Laird from Scotland. We have worked together to create a new website: Clan Grant Canada.

I am featuring two of Mike's ancestors on this website. They are:

  • Captain Richard Grant (1794-1862), best known as Chief Trader of Fort Hall (Mike's great, great, great grandfather)
  • Richard Stanislas Grant (1822-1852), a freighter along the Oregon Territory who was murdered during the lawless period that occurred after Britan ceded the Oregon Territory to the US. (Mike's great, great grandfather).

    Replica of Fort Hall which is located in Pocatello, Idaho. Great museum.


    Robert Hood was the ancestor of Donna Birch, a distant relative of ours. John Birch has edited Hood's Journal of the Franklin Expedition to the Coppermine River (1819-1821). This was the same Franklin who led a doomed arctic expedition in 1847. The fascinating story of Robert Hood happened while Richard Grant was still in Fort Edmonton.

    Go to Replica of Fort Edmonton in 1846 for information about Fort Edmonton, where Richard Stanislas was born.


    In the mid-1800s, Richard Grant (1794-1862) was the Chief Trader of Fort Hall, a Hudson's Bay Trading Post in Idaho. In his early years he was a fur trader like his father William but later he traded with the immigrants travelling the Oregon Trail. Mike's father Louis Seymour Grant wrote his Masters Thesis on the history of Fort Hall.


    Descendants of Richard Stanislas placing new grave marker in cemetary in Soda Springs, Idaho.

    Richard Stanislas (1822-1852) was Richard Grant's eldest son. he was not famous and there are no paintings of him. He was a freighter shipping goods from Fort Hall to Fort Walla Walla and Salt Lake City during the height of the Oregon Trail westward migration. He was killed by an Indian brave when he was only 30 - probably at the request of competing freighters. Idaho at the time belonged to the USA but there was no government and no law. You can read about Richard Stanislas Grant's life here.

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