Boating has been a part of lives and is an opportunity to learn a lot - not just the skills of boating but also how to keep interested when it gets boring and how to keep your cool when it gets interesting.

When we first met at university, Mike owned a 10 ft sailing dinghy which he pulled on a trailer behind his Vespa motor scooter. Penny's folks had always owned boats. So right away we knew we had something in common - boating.

Over the years we've owned several boats. They include the "Northern Pride"- a 48 ft. ex-mission boat (now known as the "Northern Cross") and "Desiderata" - a Vega 27 sloop. We also went out on the water in our 17 ft Hourston speed boat, several canoes, and a double kayak. In 2004 we purchased our Albin 25 and think she is the perfect boat for us now.

Northern Pride Skol Montague

Here is the Northern Pride in 196, Skol at anchor and a view from Montague Marine Park.

Two organizations have made our recent boating experiences very enjoyable. They are the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron and the Albineers .

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