One of the great things about having an Albin 25 is that you are automatically qualified to become an Albineer. The Albineers of British Columbia are very enthusiastic group of Albin owners who have been cruising and socializing together for 40 years. A small number of original members still belong. Quite a few people who have sold their boat and/or bought a different boat remain stalwart members.

Albineers on Thetis Cruies 2007

Here are some Albineers at Thetis Island in June, 2007.

Although Albineers come from many walks of life and are of all ages - from babies to people in their nineties - they seem to have a few things in common. First, they love their boats. Second, they love fixing their boats and sharing stories. Third, they like to do all this at the lowest possible cost. Being an Albineer means having fun being frugal. Albins are relatively inexpensive boats to buy and maintain and they hold their value - which makes them so appealing to so many people.


Most groups of boat owners only get together occasionally and their rendezvous are sponsored by the manufacturer.

The Albineers of BC have four rendezvous every year - Pender island, Thetis Island, Ladysmith and Roche Harbor plus the AGM (November) and the spring get-together. But no-one sponsors us.

Usually 15 to 20 boats join a rendezvous. We visit each others boats, share ideas, tell stories, and reveal technical tips (like how to keep the curtains from falling down). We have a great barbeque on Saturday night. After coffee and donuts on Sunday morning, we all go our separate ways until next time.

Visit the Albineers of British Columbia Website to learn more about the history or albins, rendzvous and boats for sale.

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