In June we had a great cruise in the Gulf Islands. We had just returned from our trailer trip to to the Escape Rally in Osoyoos and I was still taking prednisone for my asthma and mostly feeling great. We started at the Thetis Island Albineers Rendezvous.

Here are roses beside the road to North cove.

After the Rendzvous we went to Ladysmith where we met up with Merryweather and anchored in Oyster Cove. It was a great chance to paint the beautiful seascapes.

Then on to Maple Bay.


In July we cruised a further into the Gulf Islands. We went as far south as Sidney. The winds had been too strong to go to Albineer Rendezvous in Ladysmith by boat - but the next day we set off for cruise to all our favourite spots.

Wallace Island

Near Pirates Cove



We cruised to the Mill Bay Albineer Rendezvous in September. The weather was perfect in Mill Bay but it got really windy and wet the night we stayed in Thetis on the way home. Then it was off in our trailer to Hornby Island.

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