In May, we decided to join an informal group of Nanaimo Power Squadron boaters who were heading to Desolation Sound. Part of the reason for going to Desolation Sound so early in the season was the hope to avoid the huge crowds who go there in the summer. We didn't even see our fellow cruise mates!

After a calm crossing of the Strait of Georgia we stayed at Secret Cove and visited family in Halfmoon Bay. Then we headed north. Just like last year, it was windy and bumpy going north - especially near Nelson Island.

melanie cove

Only 3 boats in popular Melanie Cove in Prideaux Haven.

refuge cove

Refuge Cove Marina had not yet opened and fuel was only available once a week.

lund park

On the return trip, we stopped at Lund. The weather changed, we walked a lot, met friendly people and joined in the Shelfish Festival. We were the only non-local boat on the floats.

lund sunset

Sunset at friendly Lund.

skol at powell river

Next stop - Powell River.


Mike's new camera - close-up of dandelions.

pender harbour

Pender Harbour.


Squitty Cove on Lasquiti Island. The wind came up in the afternoon - but we were protected in this tiny cove crowded with local boats.


This was our first cruise with Lexy, the 2 year old cocker spaniel we adopted in February. She was scared at first - but soon became an excellent boat dog.

lexy at sea 1 lexy at sea 2 lexy at sea 3


After a few days at home we headed down to the Gulf Islands.


We joined the Albineers in Thetis Island. Here is a view from the path that goes to North Cove.


We love the Maritime Society's docks in Ladysmith and had a pleasant stay. Here is a shot of the floating wrecks anchored between the Maritime Society and Transfer Beach. Does that trimaran look "resurrected?"

skol at wallace island

Wallace Island was fun and friendly.

wallace island 1

Lovely in the sunshine.

wallace island 1

Pretty in the sunset.

wallace island 4

But not quite so nice in the rain.

sansum narrows

Down to Maple Bay through Sansum Narrows.


Our first stay in Degnen Bay on the south end of Gabiola - since 1972. Here is Drumbeg Park - a short walk away.


Through False Narrows and up past Harmac.


Chip barges in the Strait.

nanaimo from northumberland

And home to Nanaimo.

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