Our main cruise in 2008 was our September cruise in the Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands. The weather was fabulous - sunny and warm. Except for some rough water just south of Nanaimo, the winds were fairly calm. We stayed at marinas along the way and went for many long walks in the places we visited. Here are a few pictures.

Skol in Maple Bay Marina at the beginning of our trip.

Albins and Albineers in Roche Harbor Marina on San Juan Island.

On the way to Lopez Island.

Lopez Island

Roadside berries on Lopez.

Sunset on Lopez Island

Marina at Anacortes.

Skol in La Conner.

Under the Rainbow Bridge near La Conner.

Fog bank in Juan de Fuca Strait.

Windy day in East Sound near Orcas Island

Deer Harbor on Orcas Island

Calm day in Boundary Passage. It was made more interesting by our hoping to see orcas and the actually seeing (and being seen by) the border patrol helicopter.

View from Mount Norman on Pender Island

Snug in Port of Sidney Marina.

Skol at anchor in Princess Margaret Marine Park

Beach at Princess Margaret Marine Park.


Saltspring Island and Mount Maxwell from Princess Margaret Marine Park.

Work Boat Rendezvous at Ganges on Saltpring Island.

Trincomali Channel on the way to Thetis Island.

Clam Bay between Thetis and Kuper Islands.

Telegraph Harbor Marina on Thetis Island

Fall is coming.

Lion's Mane Jelly Fish

Cruise Ship in Nanaimo Harbour. Back home again.

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