In 2007 we cruised in the Canadian Gulf Island and American San Juan Islands.

Gulf Islands

We took a short, very wet cruise in the Gulf Island with Rob and Josie in August, 2007.

When we left Nanaimo, the weather was lovely. We stopped overnight at Montague Harbour on Galiano Island. We listened to the marine weather forecast and realized that the lovely sunset at Montague was just an indicator that rain was on the way.

Montague Harbour Sunset

It was still nice weather when we arrived at the Port of Sidney Marina the next day. We hoped the forecast was wrong.

Mike at Sidney

But - by the next morning, when Rob and Josie arrived by ferry from Vancouver, it was pouring with rain and foggy. We motored over to Sidney Spit Provincial Marine Park and went walking anyway.

Rainy Day at Sidney Spit

The next day we set off for home. Here's the view approaching Thetis Island after passing through a heavy rain shower.

Near Thetis Island

The main thing we learned was that Skol was big enough for 4 friendly adults to go cruising together - even in the rain.

Later in the fall of 2007 we cruised back through the Gulf Islands and down to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. Here we are in Todd Inlet near Butchart Gardens in September.

Todd Inlet Fall 2007

San Juan Islands

We had a great time crusing in the San Juan Islands. We got as far south as Lopez Island. Here we are tied up to the float on Lopez.

Lopez Island

You can see our Livingston Dinghy on the stern. This was a convenient arrangement but not very safe in rough water. We decided to replace the dinghy with a small Zodiac inflatable dinghy after talking to Joe, a fellow Albineer. Joe told us he had had trouble with a similar set up. A wave had come up between the dinghy and the Albin and bent the bars attaching the dinghy to the boat, making it impossible to detach the dinghy. Not very safe or fun.

There is a great little public library on Lopez Island. As with many public libraries, it is possible for visitors to either use their public internet stations or their wireless access free of charge. Since the Broadband Express highspead internet connection for boats on Lopez Island was not working when we were there, we gratefully used the Lopez public library to check our email.

We stayed at Jones Island, a state marine park near Orcas Island. Here is a quiet scene before the wind began to blow and blow - all the way from Vancouver and straight into our bay. It was a bumpy night tied to a mooring buoy.

Jones Island

We enjoyed our visit to Roche harbour on san Juan Island - a busy place even in the fall.

Roche Harbour

Here is Mike in Westcott Bay Sculpture Garden near Roche Harbour. This gong is not quite a chuckling chime - but appealed to us as did many of the sculptures in park.

Roche Harbour Sculpture Park

In the end, probably our favourite moorage on our 2007 San Juan Island cruise was Poet's Cove Marina - back in the Canadian Gulf Islands. Poet's Cove is a lovely resort and spa on Pender island with great facilities. We specially enjoyed the heated swimming pool.

Pool at Poet's Cove, Pender Island

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