Welcome to my upbeat website on how I am pursuing my retirement. So far so good!


Many of us will spend longer being retired than we spent getting a formal education, working at a paid job, or raising our children. Retirement is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves - just as we did when we turned into teenagers, started our careers, or became parents.


When I retired, I decided I wanted to become a full-time learner. I had been learning all my life and now I had time to make learning my main focus.

I'm fortunate to live in an age when we know that people can keep learning whatever their age Scientists tell us that our brains are plastic and change every day. So we actually can't stop learning. But we can take charge of what we learn. We can keep a bit of a record on how it is going. That's what this website is about.

I'm also fortunate to live in a place and time when information and knowledge are easily available. Whether it's the internet, the public library, public television, or informational DVDs, lecture, or interesting people, I just have to decide what I want to learn and get on with it.

Learning has pragmatic value when you're retired. It may not get you a new job or a promotion, but it can still enable you to contribute to society. You just have to apply what you learn to your life as a voter, a traveller, a consumer, an investor, a social networker, a political activist, a medical advocate, a friend, a grandmother, an artist or whatever you reinvent yourself to be.


There are windchimes around our house. They've hung there for 20 years. When the wind blows off Georgia Strait, their chuckling reminds me to keep on learning.


Now that I have time, I'm painting a lot. I try to keep my Art Blog up to date with what I'm learning. You can see my work at my Penny Grant Paintings website.


For me, travel is a great way to learn. Mike and I trailer, go on tours and cruise in our boat. Here I am in beautiful Waterton National Park in Alberta. Our last big trip was across Canada by RV in 2014. When I am travelling I usually write my Travel Blog.


I have a type of asthma called "severe asthma"or "SA" It affects about 4-20% of asthmatics and is difficult to manage. Sometimes I am very sick. Other times I'm totally fine. In December 2015 I started an Asthma Blog about this tricky chronic disease. This is a lung flute .